Property/Plot Monitoring Services

Any asset or property/plot in the form of land is an inherited or hard-earned possession and is very valuable. Vacant land in such a case is prone to encroachment or any such coercive uncertainties.

At Property Rakshak, we ensure your plot/property is protected physically and legally against such problems by our Plot Monitoring services team. A regular update on the happenings at your site is provided by our team to make sure there is constant touch with the property you hold with the help of our Property/Plot Monitoring Services team.

With us on board, you do not have to worry about the verification and valuation of your plot/property, obtaining necessary certificates and documents, property tax calculation and payment, periodic property visits and the cleanliness of your plot/property among other services.

Benefits of Our Plot Monitoring Services

Taking care of your property or plot in Hyderabad while you are living abroad is not easy and will be a stressful task for you to travel back and forth. Our plot monitoring services are run by a team of experts, and they ensure that you are covered so that you can focus on other things at hand. We send you timely updates so that you know what’s going on. A dedicated consultant with expert knowledge in property monitoring will be assigned by us to take care of everything for you. Our plot monitoring services include:

  • Legal Assistance
  • Tax Assistance
  • Property Visits
  • Repair & Maintenance Work
  • Fencing/Compound