1. What is PRS?

PRS is the short form for Property Rakshak Services provided to customers that encloses the following services -

1. Finding the tenant and managing the transactions
2. Tenant background verification and rental agreement
3. Rent collection and Bill payment
4. Property inspection with pictures
5. Maintenance as needed (electrical work, painting, plumbing, etc.)

Property Rakshak is a Property Management and Maintenance company designed to serve homeowners, and help them to manage their property hassle-free.
3. What is the use of Property Rakshak Agreement?
A property management agreement enables us to work on your behalf to manage your property. From the visiting of your property to working towards rent collection, bills payment, repairs, and renovations on your approval, this agreement encompasses all the authorities and responsibilities of Property Rakshak as your property manager.
4. I don’t think I need full Property Raksha services. I just want to rent out my property.
We provide the renting services only to those properties which are listed under Property Management Services or the properties that are managed by Property Rakshak.
5. Why do you ask for 1 month Brokerage?
Property Rakshak doesn’t keep any brokerage value with itself. The broker network that works for us when you approach us gets its brokerage amount. To make the brokers work on your property on high priority, we pass brokerage to them.
6. Why Property Rakshak when I can use regular Brokers to rent out my property?
There are many benefits of using Property Rakshak services instead of a typical broker. You can only work with one broker at a time as he has to keep keys to show your property to prospective tenants. Property Rakshak works with many brokers at the same time. We keep the keys with ourselves and market your property to all the brokers in the town. This helps to rent out the property quickly. Broker services become inoperational the moment a tenant signs up for it. We at Property Rakshak perform the required services for you including a thorough background check, police verification, property handoff, and inventory assessment. Whenever a tenant moves out, we take care of all the exit formalities and provide a final evaluation of the property to the owner.
7. Why we have to pay for Brokerage?
Although we manage the property for you, the process is initiated at the brokers’ end. They engage in the area of your property to find a tenant for which the brokerage amount is passed to them. This entices them to work on your property on high priority.
8. What are your policies when tenants don't pay rent regularly?
To avoid this situation, post-dated cheques are collected in advance from the tenants. All the necessary background checks and police verifications are done before a tenant is finalized for your property. We work as directed by the homeowner if a situation like this arises.
9. Do you also deal in sale/purchase of properties?
Yes, we deal in sale purchase of properties for our clients.
10. Do you deal in commercial properties?
Yes, we provide Property Raksha services for Commercial Properties.
11. How will you market or advertise my property? What’s different?
We use all channels for advertising the property. We advertise the property on our own property Rakshak website and also on other commonly used real estate web portals. We also engage all brokers of the area to find a tenant for the property.