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Real Estate and Property Management Services for NRI’s

Living abroad and taking care of your property in India could be a tedious task. We provide property management services for NRI, real estate inspection services, rental property management services, be it finding a contractor to rebuild your house or finding a maintenance person to fix plumbing or electrical issues or be it negotiating terms or payments with your tenants.

At Property Rakshak, we understand your struggles and bring out the best possible solutions for you to rest assured that everything is taken care of by our best property management company. Contact us for our property management services at any time.

Our Property Management Services

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Property Rakshak is one of the best property management companies in Hyderabad provides end-to-end services for any of your real estate, real estate inspection services and and property-related requirements. We take care of Property Management for NRI (USA) and commit to meet all your needs here in Hyderabad so that you can focus on your life there. From assisting you in assessing the plot for purchase, taking care of all the legal procedures to possession takeover, we are with you at every step of the way. Our expert and experienced property managers ensure that the entire process is hassle-free and seamless. Our services are also extended to top rental property management and include from finding the right tenants for your property, collecting bills and rent on time to taking care of all the repairs and maintenance works.

Property Rakshak provides real estate inspections, rental property management services, property inspection services, plot monitoring, payment/collection of bills, repairs and maintenance, legal paperwork, keys and visit management, buy/sell property etc., Are you looking for rental property management services? Property Rakshak is the one stop solution for your needs

1. What is PRS?

PRS is the short form for Property Raksha Services provided to customers that encloses the Property management services as follows -

1. Finding the tenant and managing the transactions
2. Tenant background verification and rental agreement
3. Rental property management services: Rent collection and bill payment etc,
4. Real estate property inspection with pictures
5. Maintenance as needed (electrical work, painting, plumbing, Interior Designing etc.)

Property Rakshak is a Top Property Management and Maintenance company designed to serve homeowners, and help them to manage their property hassle-free by Property Management Services for NRI.
3. What is the use of Property Raksha Services agreement?
A Property Management for NRI, the agreement enables us to work on your behalf to manage your property. From the visiting of your property to working towards rent collection, bills payment, repairs, and renovations on your approval, this agreement encompasses all the authorities and responsibilities of Property Rakshak as your property manager.
4. I don’t think I need full Property Raksha Services. I just want to rent out my property.
We provide the Rental Property Management Services only to those properties which are listed under Property Management Services or the properties that are managed by Property Rakshak.
5. What are the rental property management services available at property Rakshak?
Property Rakshak provides best rental property management services for NRI in India
Property management services:
1. Finding the right tenants
2. Collecting rent on time
3. Lase/rent renew processes
4. Taking care of the issues raised by the tenants etc.,

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